We support brand building and community engagement that ensures your company stays relevant in a time when businesses need to do more than just turn a profit. Bertram Consulting orients your business toward making a positive impact locally and globally, while simultaneously increasing profits.

Photo credit to Andy Schwartz

Photo credit to Andy Schwartz

Grow With Us

Betsy Bertram brings years of experience and a unique perspective on businesses as vehicles for community building to cultivate meaningful relationships with customers for lifetime loyalty to your brand.

Betsy looks forward to cultivating the purpose and values of your business as she uncovers the impact you and your team can have on the growth of your community.  


Learn how to grow in your business by investing in sustainable practices and building community within and around your company.


Connect with conscious consumers who seek companies with strong values and challenge businesses to do good in their perspective market.


Discover how a values based business model improves your company culture and bottom line.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic omni-channel development

Targeted marketing across all platforms 

Thoughtful events, community engagement, and partnerships

Equitable staffing structures and workflow 

Planning for product selection and buying 

Growing and sustaining genuine customer relationships 

Building a holistic approach to creating sustainability and viability for long term growth

Photo credit to  Brett Mullen

Photo credit to Brett Mullen